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Hey Im Maxine! I've travelled all the way from Denmark to meet some amazing, kind-hearted, English gentlemen.  Im intrigued, passionate and energetic about everything and anyone that I meet.  I know just how to make a man feel, and for someone so young i've lived all over the world, so can hold your attention with fascinating stories, or indulge and share in yours if you prefer So about me. I was born in Qatar in the middle east, moved to khazagstan, then thailand and home to Denmark. From here I came to the uk, where I plan to stay a while, meeting incredible people, before moving over to Bali! So don't miss me! Im super adventurous and love the thrill of travelling and meeting new people.  In terms of my service, I love to take time to know each and every client, and explore their desires. I have an amazing GFE. Young, attentive, enthusiastic to please and see everyone that meets me go home the happiest they've been in forever.  I will share some ideas!  As well as taking pride in how I accompany you In the time we spend, I'll do everything above and beyond your usual  ​- If you're arriving hungry, let me know and I'll whip up something tasty for you for when we meet! Dessert included of course! ;)  - Have a business trip or evening event you're attending? Book me and relax as I pack your bags for you, or organise your paperwork for you, while making sure you're all ready for departure ;)  - Taking a holiday? Lets work out a good rate and bring me. I love to travel! And I make amazing company  - Maybe you have a date with the woman of your dreams to prepare for? Take me to dinner and let me assist you in becoming the best version of yourself to woo and impress her ! ​Or maybe you'd just like my affections and to make you feel complete.  ​Nothing is too much! I am many things, all wrapped into one, for you to enjoy and indulge yourself in. Don't keep yourself waiting! x As much as I love all my sexy outfits and lingerie, I have much more to offer. I love to talk about philosophy, politics, psychology and anything controversial like conspiracy theories. Although don't worry I won't be arriving with a tin-foil hat! Although Im happy to fine-tune yours! x Maxine

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girl Shirehampton
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girl Shirehampton
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Adreena Winters
girl Shirehampton
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girl Shirehampton
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